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What we do:

B2 Solutions, Inc.  assists small to mid-sized businesses in setting up and maintaining all of your technology needs.  Whether you are an office of one or a small business with several locations, we work as your advocate when selecting and purchasing right-sized hardware and software solutions for your business, tailoring computer network design, support and troubleshooting to fit your needs and budget.  No question or issue is too small or too large.  The majority of the support provided is at your location; remote management of your network is available as well.

Who we are:

B2 Solutions, Inc.'s owners are our staff.  Co-owned and operated by Brian and Julie Maurer, you will always be working directly with an owner of our business.  In addition to our individual strengths, both Brian and Julie have an extensive background in accounting as well as IT and have operated a self owned business since 1995.

Advantages for you: 

B2 Solutions, Inc. provides one-on-one, personalized attention to your issues.  We pride ourselves on rapid response times.  We will provide advice and follow through all the way from discussion to implementation.  When you call us, you will not have to repeat your problem to a new tech - we'll have been there from the start.  We are always approaching your needs from an accounting perspective as well as an IT perspective; we've got years of hands-on working knowledge of Quick Books, Peachtree, and other proprietary accounting programs and ERP's.  We understand time is money and won't waste yours.   We are not affiliated with any hardware or software reseller and do not accept commissions for our recommendations.  We will not sell you equipment or services you don't need, and we will not recommend a high-tech solution when a low-tech one is cheaper and more effective.  We will only accept a limited number of clients so that we can provide excellent individualized service.

How we can help you: 

B2 Solutions, Inc. provides many services, which include:

Networking, VPN and Cloud Computing, wireless network setups, remote helpdesk assistance, Smartphone selection and configuration with your network systems, Data backup recommendations, preventative maintenance, remove viruses, recommend new hardware and software, assist you in using tools you already have to improve your daily workflows, recommend document imaging, help with determining best/most cost effective email and telephony services.  We keep up-to-date on new and emerging lower-cost or free technology solutions as they emerge to the small business market, and routinely recommend them to our clients.  We are experts in IT and technology so you don't need to be, and you can focus on what you know and do best on a daily basis.  What is easy for us might not be so easy or quick for you, and we're here to help you.

Who we work with:

B2 Solutions, Inc.'s current clients include a locally owned and operated manufacturing company with satellite offices, a dental practice, and an accounting practice with both a traditional and a home office.  References are available on request.

Where we work:

B2 Solutions, Inc. serves primarily the Central Ohio area to provide the best possible service to our clients.  We do assist our clients to connect to remote networks and services that are operated outside our local area, and in some instances travel to satellite offices out of the area to assist our local clients with their optimal network configurations.

When we work:

B2 Solutions, Inc. offers our support to our clients during both traditional and non-traditional business hours.  Once you are our client, we will schedule our work to have the least impact on your standard business daily operations.  We are effectively always on call.  We'll help as quickly as we can to solve your issue.